Irishwoman found dead with husband and two teenage sons in murder-suicide in the US

Irishwoman found dead with husband and two teenage sons in murder-suicide in the US

AN IRISH woman and three other members of her immediate family have died in an apparent murder-suicide in the US.

The bodies of two adults and two teenage boys were discovered at a property in Reno, Nevada on Wednesday morning.

All four died from gunshot wounds.

53-year-old Joan Huber, from Kerry, has been identified as one of the four victims along with her 50-year-old husband Adam P Huber and their two sons 17-year Adam J Huber and 16-year-old Michael Huber.

Originally from Coolcuslaugh just east of Killarney, Mrs Huber was a well-known figure in east Kerry thanks to her late father John Kelly, who served as president of the East Kerry GAA.


Mr Kerry also perviously stood as a general election candidate for the Progressive Democrats and authored several books on local history, prior to his passing in February 2018 at the age of 83.

Mrs Huber’s death has sent shockwaves through the Killarney region where her mother, Sheila Doolan, and several close relatives still live.

Speaking to the Press Association, Local TD Danny Healy-Rae said the local community is in shock.

"It's such a terrible thing to happen and we hope and we pray with them and for them, that God will give them the strength and the courage to carry on, because that is what they will have to do,” he said.

"It's tough, I know, but we are all with them and we'll help them in any way that we can."

He: "I know them to be a very good, hard-working, honest family, pillars in the community and the sort of people you'd like to be friends with because they are so honest and hard-working.

"It's so tough and it's so hard, you can't understand what causes these terrible things to happen."