‘It’s going to happen’: Liam Gallagher confirms plans for Oasis reunion

‘It’s going to happen’: Liam Gallagher confirms plans for Oasis reunion

LIAM Gallagher sent out a tweet insisting that after a decade apart an Oasis reunion is on the cards.

The 48-year-old rockstar tweeted, "it's going to happen", after a young fan begged him to "bring Oasis back".

Following a very public fallout with his brother and fellow band member, Noel, 53, in 2009, the pair have had a frosty relationship ever since.

The fraternal tiff also sounded the death knell of the much-loved band – in which the two brothers formed an iconic duo.

Now, after the band has remained dormant for over a decade and the brothers have pursued successful solo careers, Liam appears willing to extend an olive branch to his older sibling.

The news comes amid predictions from fans that Oasis would regroup in 2021.

One supporter tweeted the rockstar saying: "I need you to give me hope that Oasis will come back. Please, I'm 19 years old. I want to live that concert.”

"It's gonna happen," Liam tersely replied, not offering any elaboration on how the reunion might come about.

Many fans – some of which were "crying" and "so happy" – were positively ecstatic about the news.

It may be too soon to celebrate, though, as attempts at reconciliation between the brothers seem to be one way.

Liam previously wrote to Noel in 2021 saying "I love you and this is our year" in an effort to put their fraught past behind them.

Yet, despite an offer from Liam of £100 million to get the band back together, Noel, 53, declined the offer to join him on a reunion tour.

Following the exchange, Ladbrokes put the odds of an Oasis reunion in 2021 at 10/1.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes told The Sun: "Little By Little the odds of Oasis getting back together are shortening so fans may well get their wish this year."