Jedward celebrate after X Factor gets axed, despite earning fame and fortune from show

Jedward celebrate after X Factor gets axed, despite earning fame and fortune from show

THE X FACTOR has been cancelled after 15 mind-numbing series.

Having run since 2004, the British reality TV music competition has produced generational talents like .... um ...

No but seriously, One Direction are popular. Some people like Olly Murs and Little Mix have sold more albums than the Dubliners (a travesty I know).

Having peaked during the mid-to-late 00s, it's fair to say the show had run its course. Reality TV has become a little dated, and being one of the longest-standing annual shows, there was very little The X Factor could offer its audience that it hadn't already given them.

In short, we probably won't miss it that much, and news of the show's demise received a mixed reaction online.

While some lamented, others celebrated ... including, bizarrely, Jedward.

The Irish singing duo, who - let's not forget live in a nice house and can afford expensive things because they appeared on the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009 - were jumping for joy at the news of the show's death.

"X factor has been axed Mission Complete," they tweeted on Wednesday night.

For context, the Dublin-born twins have spoken out against media mogul and mastermind behind The X Factor, Simon Cowell.

They've publicly accused his entertainment company SyCo of tying stars down to unfair, over-demanding, inadequate and even illegal contracts, which they supposedly sign naively because they're desperate for fame or money (or both).

Now that X Factor's closed for good, Jedward's 'mission', as they put it, is complete. But their lust for vengeance against the hand that fed them feels a little hypocritical.

There's nothing wrong with wanting businesses to do right by their staff and/or clients, but Simon Cowell and The X Factor made them who they are. No one would have heard of or been annoyed for over a decade by them if it weren't for The X Factor.

The show famed itself on the idea that any average Joe with a half-decent singing voice could be plucked off the street and become a star. That's exactly what happened to Jedward. Without the X Factor, they'd have no X Factor themselves.

They've been happy to accept fame and fortune from a process they're so delighted to see die, and while most of us share that delight, at least we haven't profited and made a career out of it.

So John and Edward, if you're reading, maybe put your money where you're mouth is. Donate the (reported) millions you've earned throughout your 'singing' career, and bring balance back to the world.