Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone perform rousing rendition of The Dubliners’ ‘Seven Drunken Nights’

Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone perform rousing rendition of The Dubliners’ ‘Seven Drunken Nights’

JIMMY FALLON was joined by rapper Post Malone for a rousing rendition of the Dubliners’ Irish folk classic Seven Drunken Nights.

The performance saw the set of The Tonight Show transformed into a traditional Irish pub for the raucous performance.

Backed by a full band, and decked out in suits with pints in hand, the pair traded verses on the iconic hit before coming together for the song’s memorable chorus.

It was an occasion to remember with the pair encouraging the onlooking audience to clap along during the familiar chorus.

With both men eager to celebrate all things Irish-American, it made for a memorable occasion.

Fallon’s great-great-grandparents emigrated to American from County Galway while  Malone, who is Native American descent, is an avid fan of Irish trad music.

At one point during the night it looked like the beer had gone to Fallon’s head as he struggled to read the teleprompter.

It came as part of an enjoyable night for the pair, who even engaged in a round of Malone’s favourite pre-gig, backstage pastime: beer pong.

With the twosome likely to have enjoyed a few more jars once the cameras stopped rolling, the chances are there were a few sore heads this morning.

It’s not the first time Fallon has indulged in a good old fashioned Irish sing-song either.

Late last year he was joined by Irish actress Saoirse Ronan for a crowd-pleasing performance of The Pogues’ favourite A Fairytale In New York.

Originally released by The Dubliners back in 1967, Seven Drunken Nights reached number 7 in the UK charts that year and led to an appearance on Top of the Pops.

Despite being banned from Irish national broadcasting station, the song also charted at no.1 in Ireland.