Joe Biden quotes Irish poem about the Easter Rising in emotional speech to troops

Joe Biden quotes Irish poem about the Easter Rising in emotional speech to troops

JOE BIDEN quoted famed Irish poets W B Yeats in an emotional address to US troops in England yesterday.

The US President, a proud Irish-American who has often quotes Irish poets in the past, landed in Cornwall ahead of the G7 Summit today.

He took to the stage to address US troops and their families, stationed at the RAF Mildenhall, where he promised he would show the world that "the United States is back" and ready to work with other world leaders following a tumultuous four years under President Donald Trump.

The G7 summit will see world leaders discuss tackling global issues including the climate emergency and Covid-19 pandemic; this diplomacy is "essential", he said, "because no single nation acting alone can meet all the challenges we face today because the world is changing."

He took this opportunity to quote the renowned W B Yeats, paraphrasing the famous finishing line from his poem Easter 1916, which described the beginnings of the Irish War of Independence after the Easter Rising.

"The world has changed, changed utterly," Mr Biden said.

"A terrible beauty has been born."

Mr Biden has been vocal about his love for Irish poets, particularly Seamus Heaney, whose poem A Cure At Troy played a large part in Biden's campaign in the run-up to the US Presidential Elections.

The Irish-American, whose roots stem from Counties Mayo and Louth, is set to meet UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson today where he will reportedly warn the British leader to stick to his promises with regards to the Northern Ireland Brexit Protocol, implemented to ensure no return to a hard border in Ireland.

He will also meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Britain's Queen Elizabeth.