Joe Biden says US 'strongly' supports Good Friday Agreement during St Patrick's Day meeting with Taoiseach

Joe Biden says US 'strongly' supports Good Friday Agreement during St Patrick's Day meeting with Taoiseach

JOE BIDEN has reaffirmed to Micheál Martin that America will do all it can to maintain the integrity of the Good Friday Agreement.

Speaking during their virtual St Patrick's Day meeting on Wednesday, President Biden expressed "strong support" for the Agreement, and for Ireland in general.

He also told the Taoiseach that he hopes next year's meeting between them will be had in person.

The two world leader did their best to stick to tradition, by 'virtually' handing over the bowl of shamrock at one point.

"It's a great tradition," Biden said of the handover. "A custom that goes all the way back to Harry Truman.

"Tonight, Taoiseach, I hope you will be able to see it remotely, we're going to light up the White House in green to celebrate the deep, deep affection that we Americans have for Ireland and the people of Ireland," he added.

17/03/2021 Taoiseach Micheál Martin speaks with United States Vice President Kamela Harris via live link in Governemnt Buildings,Dublin for St.Patrick’s Day 2021.

"It includes millions of Americans like my great-great grandfather, my great grandfather, and my grandfather, all of whom were Irish Americans, on both sides of the family."

Earlier in the meeting, Martin met with vice president Kamala Harris, who also spoke of America's commitment to its relationship with Ireland, and indeed the maintenance of the Good Friday Agreement.

"Happy St Patrick's Day on behalf of our country," Harris told the Taoiseach.

"As you know, our country has a long history of friendship, of shared values and culture.

"On behalf of the president, I would like to thank Ireland for advancing our shared values as a member of the United Nations Security Council and also thank you for our robust economic partnership.

"We take great pride in what we have created around technology, and we have great admiration for the work you're doing in Ireland and the partnership we share."