Justin Bieber reveals he’s ‘60% Irish’

Justin Bieber reveals he’s ‘60% Irish’

JUSTIN BIEBER has revealed he is “60% Irish”.

The pop superstar opened up about his Irish roots as part of an Instagram story posted to fans.

It came after his dad, Jeremy Bieber, posted a photo of himself holding a bottle of Conor McGregor’s Proper No. Twelve whiskey.

The younger Bieber shared the image along with a “shout out” to Ireland in which he also revealed his Irish heritage.

Justin Bieber reveals he’s ‘60% Irish’.

“Just found out I’m like 60 percent Irish,” he wrote on Instagram stories.

“Shout out Ireland,” he added.

Bieber is a close ally of McGregor and is currently training under the Irishman’s fast training programme.

Justin Bieber reveals he’s ‘60% Irish’.

The singer also came out in support of the Notorious following the infamous bus attack in New York last year that let McGregor in serious hot water.

“He will be fine, we all make mistakes,” Bieber wrote at the time.

Now McGregor has returned the favour on Twitter.

“Justin is a top young man!,” McGregor wrote.

“The Irish runs deep with the Bieber’s.”

Born in London, Ontario in Canada. Bieber boasts French, German, English, Scottish and Irish ancestry.