Katie Hopkins has been let go from writing job

Katie Hopkins has been let go from writing job

THE controversial columnist's contract has not been renewed by Mail Online.

In a short space of time, Katie Hopkins has been relieved of all her professional dalliances.

The British journalist was forced to leave her job as a radio host for LBC after she urged people to create a 'final solution' to Islamic terrorism following the attack on a Manchester stadium when Ariana Grande was performing

According to The Independent, the journalist will not be returning to her job with Mail Online as her contract "was not renewed by mutual consent".


Earlier this year, Hopkins libelled a primary school teacher as protesting against US President Trump outside Westminster, when in actual fact, the teacher had brought a banner along with some 12-year-old children outside the buildings.

Mail Online were forced to make a formal apology to the teacher and pay substantial damages to her for Hopkins' error in part.