Kellie Harrington says she's going back to full-time job at Dublin hospital

Kellie Harrington says she's going back to full-time job at Dublin hospital

KELLIE HARRINGTON has revealed she'll be returning to her full-time hospital job following her Olympic triumph in Tokyo earlier this month.

The 31-year-old was Ireland's star athlete at the Games, taking Gold in the women's lightweight boxing event after beating Brazil’s Beatriz Ferrera in a dramatic final.

She returned home a hero, and was paraded around Dublin in an open-top bus in front of thousands of enamoured fans, but her success hasn't gone to her head.

Earlier this week, Kellie announced that she's going back to her cleaning job at St Vincent's Hospital this weekend, fulfilling the promise she made en route to Olympic Gold.

Kellie apparently loves her job at the hospital, and relishes putting a smile on the faces of patients as well as her fellow members of staff.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, she said she was determined to "keep her feet on the ground" following her Olympic victory, but that didn't stop her colleagues at St Vincent's admitting how proud they were of her.

"All of us at St Vincent’s Hospital Fairview offer a big congratulations to Kellie Harrington on winning a gold medal this morning at the Tokyo Olympic Games," the staff said in a statement.

"What an achievement, with such skill and determination? This is such a proud achievement for Kellie, and for her family and many friends.

"She was an inspiration to all of us throughout this Olympic Games; getting to an Olympic final and taking home a gold medal is a remarkable achievement."