Kelly Brook blames her love of Guinness for sudden weight gain

Kelly Brook blames her love of Guinness for sudden weight gain

KELLY BROOK has revealed how her love of familiar Irish favourites like Guinness, pies and potatoes saw her pile on two stone in weight.

The 39-year-old opened up to TV Life Magazine about how her love of tradition pub fare saw her go up from a size 12 to a size 14/16 dress size.

Though the former model has lost much of the weight since she was only too happy to open up about some of the not-so-healthy indulgences that got her there.

Kelly Brook has revealed she piled on a hefty two stone in weight after chowing down on pies and

“I was the last to realise I’d put on weight,” she told the magazine.


“I wasn’t in denial because I felt all right. But I’d got up to a 14/16 dress size, my boobs were too big and my back was hurting.

“I was just eating a lot of rich foods – there was a lot of going to my local pub and having pie and chips and a pint of Guinness.”

While Brook apportioned some of the blame to pints of the black stuff she was also willing to admit a few cooked comforts closer to home played a part.

“I’m very good at traditional English food. I do a good shepherd’s pie and spaghetti bolognese – although that’s Italian, I do the English version,” she said.

And while we don’t image Brook has given up her love of Guinness all together, she is keeping a closer eye on portion sizes and making sure she eats more greens.

Kelly then revealed that reducing her portion sizes and eating more greens has aided her slimming.


‘I just have smaller portions and lots of veg,” she says, adding crucially “I don’t deprive myself of anything.”