Kildare cafe offering festive meals to those living alone on Christmas Day

Kildare cafe offering festive meals to those living alone on Christmas Day

STAFF at the Halo Cafe in Celbridge, Co. Kildare will be providing dinner to anyone spending Christmas alone this year.

Kind-hearted couple Matt and Clare Black are teaming up with members of their local church to try and make sure no one is lonely on Christmas Day who wouldn't like to be.

The couple will be cooking up a bunch of scrumptious Christmas meals and will be serving it in the Bridge Church located close by, with the help of a number of community volunteers.

They're offering 60 meals for anyone close-by who might want one, and already most of the places have been snapped up, with generous donations from the local community ensuring that they can serve up a storm on the day.

Halo Cafe staff (Credit: Dublinlive)

Speaking to Dublin Live, Matt Black said he came up with the idea when he saw something similar in the UK, which worked a treat.

"Lots of people have gotten in touch to donate - at the moment we have 49 people attending," said Matt.

"We looked around to see if anything else like this was being done locally and when we realised there wasn't, we decided to give it a go.

Matt added that the pastor of the local church was happy to host the initiative, while caring volunteers and helpful donations from those in the community did the rest.

"We needed about €200, and we ended up with €1,300. We've also used it to provide gifts for a single mam and for another family, we're going to bring them for dinner and then bring the kids to the cinema. They've never been before.

"Anything left over, we'll donate to St Vincent de Paul."