Killer Molly Martens avoids four more years in jail despite breaking rules

Killer Molly Martens avoids four more years in jail despite breaking rules

CONVICTED MURDERER of Limerick man Jason Corbett, Molly Martens has avoided having an extra four years added to her murder sentence in the United States.

The former nanny was convicted along with her father, Thomas, last August by a North Carolina jury of the brutal murder of her Irish husband.

Mr Corbett was battered to death with a brick and a metal baseball bat by both Martens and her father, a retired FBI agent, in the master bedroom of their home.

Both received sentences of 20 – 25 years.

Last November, Ms Martens had been cited for breaching strict rules in the high-security jail where she is serving her sentence.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety revealed she was cited on November 21 for “unauthorised leave” at Southern Correctional Institution.


Martens is understood to have either left a supervised area without the permission of prison guards or failed to report to a supervised area as required.

While she had her scheduled release date provisionally extended to July 28, 2041, her release date has now been restored to August 3, 2032, following a special custody review by prison officials.

It is understood she was warned that any further rule breaches could result in her release date being permanently extended.

Ms Martens and her father’s challenges to their convictions are expected to come before the North Carolina Court of Appeals this Autumn.