Last living Leprechaun whisperer expresses concern over impact of Brexit on Ireland's 'little people'

Last living Leprechaun whisperer expresses concern over impact of Brexit on Ireland's 'little people'

IRELAND’S LAST living Leprechaun whisperer has expressed concern over the potential impact of Brexit on the country’s “little people”.

Speaking to This Morning from Carlingford Lough – in a segment the programme makers insist wasn’t an annual April Fool’s prank - Kevin Woods warned that the introduction of a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland could have dire consequences for Leprechauns.

He argued that it would make travelling between the two countries difficult, not least for the mythical beings famed for their green outfits and pots of gold.

According to Kevin, a secret tunnel is used by leprechauns to travel between Ireland and Northern Ireland – a tunnel now under threat of closure as a result of Brexit.

"The big fear is if the tunnel is blocked because of Brexit they won’t have the dancing and this has gone on for millions of years – it hasn’t just happened now," Kevin said.

"If it’s a hard Brexit they won’t be moving between north and south. It’s an important part of our heritage that we think will be lost."

During the interview with This Morning’s Alison Hammond, Kevin revealed how he first encountered a leprechaun and how he learned to communicate with them.

"I was out on a walk and I saw three leprechauns. I couldn’t move I was frozen to the spot. I was like that," he said.


“They jumped off the rock and disappeared beneath it, and I then found a tunnel from the mountain which ran all the way through Carlingford Lough, and over to The Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland.

“Every morning when the sun comes up, all the leprechauns come dancing through this tunnel and they dance together through these rocks here and underneath the sea.”

“I communicate to them through shamanism, it’s a kind of out of body experience,’ Kevin explained. “Some see then as ghosts, some see them as angels – I see them as leprechauns."

Evidently confused and confounded by some of Kevin’s claims, Alison appeared to pause at various points throughout the interview, possibly waiting for someone to turn up and reveal the whole thing had been an elaborate prank - but it didn't happen.

The seasoned presenter wasn’t the only one to assume the interview was part of an elaborate April’s Fool segment, with many taking to Twitter to echo those sentiments.

"Don’t think anyone will be falling for This Morning April fools,” one wrote.

"Did they really think they fooled us with all that Leprechaun stuff?" another asked.

However it soon became clear later – when This Morning ran a feature clearly intended as an April Fool’s prank – that the Leprechaun whisperer was deadly serious.

Theresa May, you have been warned.