Legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum has distanced himself from Daniel Kinahan after US sanctions

Legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum has distanced himself from Daniel Kinahan after US sanctions

BOB ARUM, the legendary boxing promoter has distanced himself from any relationship with cartel boss Daniel Kinahan after the US government offered a $5m reward for information on the Irish cartel yesterday.

Kinahan has managed to get himself involved with some of boxing's biggest names like Tyson Fury, Billy Joe Saunders, and the 90-year-old Arum himself. 

Arum has given a glowing reference when speaking about the mob boss in the past and said: 

(He has) been very honourable (in our dealings). What he did before, what he didn’t do before; fucking (Don) King stomped a guy’s head in and did that stop King from being a major promoter for most of my career? What the fuck are we talking about?

Now the veteran has backtracked from any sort of relationship with the Dubliner. 

Speaking in interview with Newstalk, Arum  claimed that once US government got in on the act he would sever his ties with the MTK promoter.

"Frankly I was very surprised because I didn't know the United States was involved in that activity so it really surprised me.

"I can't talk nor can I talk about his dealing with us but when my government makes a statement like they made as a law abiding citizen of the United States I have no other alternative but to abide by their determination", the 90-year-old said.

Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte is the next big high profile fight. Kinahan has been spotted with Fury in pictures in Dubai in the past.

Arum has emphatically stated that he will removing himself from business with Kinahan.

"I did say that, you're absolutely correct. I don't want to at this particular point talk about my personal dealings with him since that point for various reasons. All I'm going to say is I can't deal with him in the future because of the position of my government", he added

"Unless obviously dramatically changes which I cannot see, I will not do business with Kinahan based on these assertions by my government.

"I don't believe that somebody implicated in drug trafficking should be involved in boxing and particularly shouldn't be involved with my company Top Rank in any capacity."

Yesterday Garda commissioner Drew Harris also asked anyone or any fighter associated with the MTK to sever ties with Daniel Kinahan as working with the Irish group would make them guilty by association.

"What was implicit is now absolutely explicit: If you deal with the individuals who are sanctioned then you are then involved with a criminal network", Harris said

"I would ask them to look at their own business, the probability of their own business and then their relationship with their fans.

"Really, is this something that they want to be involved with, in terms of their legitimate business? I would think that the answer to that is a resounding no.

"In terms of very prominent sporting individuals who are obviously in some way connected with this group, I would say that you need to look at your sport, your fans, and you need to think of your own reputation because this is a very serious announcement made today after a huge amount of work", he added.

"It will withstand scrutiny and what we are saying is based very solidly on the evidence and information that very many law enforcement agencies have gleaned, and have provided, in effect, to an independent office for what is a presidential direction."