Liam Gallagher ordered by his mum to invite brother Noel to his wedding

Liam Gallagher ordered by his mum to invite brother Noel to his wedding

LIAM GALLAGHER has been told by his mum that he's to invite brother Noel to his wedding next year.

The former Oasis members have been involved in a public feud has been both tongue-in-cheek and deeply personal at times since Noel left the group after a fallout back in 2009.

The Gallagher brothers are infamous for their arguments behind closed doors and indeed on stage during their 15-year run with Oasis together.

Both are now enjoying successful solo careers and despite whispers of an Oasis reunion on the horizon, the duo are very rarely seen together.

That might all change next summer though when Liam weds his partner of six years Debbie Gwyther in a ceremony in Italy.

Noel and Liam Gallagher in 2003

Liam told the Sunday Mirror that his Mum had ordered him to invite his brother in an attempt to call in an end to the feud.

"My mam is like, 'You've got to invite him'," he said.

"And I will. They'll get a little envelope through the door.

"They [Noel and wife Sara] won't come… but you never know - like I said before, they go to the opening of anything so as soon as they open it, it'll be like, 'Come on Noel, get your Dermot O'Leary outfit on, we're going out'."

Talking about his brother, he said their mother "thinks Noel needs a f***ing clip. She says we're as bad as each other, but she knows I've put olive branches out."

"He doesn’t really speak to her either... it's not a band thing. All of this stuff about us not speaking because of the band, it’s nothing to do with that," he added.

"He obviously thinks he's cooler or better than us. But that would be hard because we are f***ing brilliant."

Despite the jabs, something not at all uncommon when it comes to the Gallagher's, Liam has made a couple of public attempts to get in touch with Noel, usually on Twitter, but the private setting of a wedding, not social media, might just be the remedy needed for the brothers' failing relationship.

Repairing family relationships seems to be the theme of the day with the news that Liam has allegedly asked his 21-year-old daughter Molly Moorish, who he was reunited with last year, to be a bridesmaid.