Liam Gallagher weighs-in on Ireland's biggest debate: Tayto or Walkers?

Liam Gallagher weighs-in on Ireland's biggest debate: Tayto or Walkers?

IT'S THE one question that has dominated conversations in pubs across Ireland for as long as anyone can remember: Tayto or Walkers crisps?

While Tayto is a firm Irish favourite beloved of several generations of Irish folk, Walkers is the slick, English alterative, that comes with a considerable amount of gloss.

It's worth noting that Walkers isn't strictly a UK brand though - American crisp giant Lay's actually acquired the company way back in 1989.

Both crisps have their strengths and their weaknesses though and, whatever your stance, everyone has a favourite whether they are willing to admit it or not.

Now, former Oasis frontman and all-round indie music legend Liam Gallagher has had his say on the matter.

Never one to shy away from speaking his mind on important matters of every shape and size, Gallagher is a popular fixture on the social media microblogging site Twitter.

He's used the platform to discuss everything from the current state of music, Brexit, his own Irish heritage and, now, his favourite crisp.

And all it took was a question from follower Simon Murdoch, who wrote: "Liam, Tayto or Walkers? Let the world know."

Desperate to hear the truth from his rock 'n' roll hero, Gallagher delivered a response in uncharacteristically muted style, replying simply: "Tayto".

The reply did not go unnoticed with many taking to social media to give Gallagher's pick their seal of approval.

In fact, most seemed to be in agreement as to which flavour of Tayto would come out on top too, with cheese & onion the resounding choice among the crisp lovers involved.

Match of the Day host and Walkers advertising regular Gary Lineker has so far failed to react to Gallagher's proclamation but he's unlikely to stay silent for long.

Lineker's love of Walkers crisps dates back to 1995 when he first began starring in adverts for the popular crisp brand.