Liam tops most popular boys name list in the US for 2018

Liam tops most popular boys name list in the US for 2018

THE Irish name Liam is the most popular name in the United States for boys in 2018.

The name, which translates to 'guardian' and 'protector' has topped the US list for the second year in succession.

The Social Security Administration has released its list of the most commonly chosen baby names for 2018, with Emma topping the charts for the girls.

The Irish name 'Liam' tops the baby charts in the US for 2018

Liam is followed closely in the ranks by Noah and William for the boys, while Emma is followed by Olivia and Ava.

Below are the top 10 list for both genders:


1. Liam
2. Noah
3. William
4. James
5. Oliver
6. Benjamin
7. Elijah
8. Lucas
9. Mason
10. Logan


1. Emma
2. Olivia
3. Ava
4. Isabella
5. Sophia
6. Charlotte
7. Mia
8. Amelia
9. Harper
10. Evelyn


You can find the full list of names here

Liam is the short form of the Irish name ‘Ulliam’. It originates from the Old German words for ‘strong willed’ and ‘helmet’.

Rock 'N' Roll Star. Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher

Famous Liams include One Direction heartthrob Liam Payne, Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher and action-movie star Liam Neeson.

The name Liam didn’t quite break into the top 10 most popular names for baby boys in Ireland, coming in at number 11, but Liam’s popularity nosedives in the UK, with the name ranked at number 78.