Live music won't be allowed in Ireland's pubs until 90% of country has been vaccinated

Live music won't be allowed in Ireland's pubs until 90% of country has been vaccinated

LIVE MUSIC in pubs will be banned until around 90% of Ireland's adult population has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

In a blow to both the hospitality and music trades, the government recently told entertainment bosses that live performances in indoor venues won't be allowed until the vaccine target is met.

It's understood that once 80% of the country's adults have been fully vaccinated, the government will consider lifting the ban, but will likely wait until the figure rises to 90% to be on the safe side.

It's understood that around 78% of adults in Ireland have now been fully vaccinated, while 89% of them have received at least one dose.

Just under 60% of the country's total population - including children - are now fully vaccinated, according to figures.

The news comes following crunch talks between the Department of Arts and Culture, and the Music and Entertainment Association of Ireland (MEAI) earlier this week.

MEAI's Matt McGranaghan says entertainment bosses have been completely left in the dark by government, claiming that they've had very little indication as to when the return of indoor music might be able to take place.

"We need dates. We need dates now. A roadmap will give certain instructions on what can happened but what we want is dates," McGranaghan told the Irish Sun.

"They are looking for the vaccination rate of 85 to 90%.

"They said they will take into consideration that there will be a percentage of the population who will not be vaccinated bu there are other ways then.

"They said they would take into consideration things like antigen testing for those who, for whatever reason, aren't vaccinated so they can access indoor activities as well."