London protest for controversial new Irish Famine comedy series

London protest for controversial new Irish Famine comedy series

A DEMONSTRATION will be held outside Channel 4’s London offices this month in protest against its commissioning of a comedy series about the Irish famine.

Campaigner Austen Harney, Chair of CRAIC (Campaign for the Rights and Actions of Irish Communities) and Race Relations Secretary for the South East Region TUC, is organising the event.

“Its outrageous that Channel 4 thinks it can get away with making a joke of the millions of people who died or were displaced as a result of the famine,” he told The Irish Post.

“Myself and fellow CRAIC campaigners feel we have no other choice but to express ourselves peacefully in a demonstration at their London offices. We encourage anyone else who is offended by this to join us.”


The demonstration, which is due to take place at Channel 4’s Horseferry Road headquarters at 1pm on Saturday, January 17, will include a range of speakers, Mr Harney claims, but the line-up has yet to be confirmed.

“We are responding to the reaction seen in the last few days, so we still have some details to finalise,” he added, “but we will keep everyone informed.”

See The Irish Post next week for further details about this event.