Macaulay Culkin wants Donald Trump removed from Home Alone 2

Macaulay Culkin wants Donald Trump removed from Home Alone 2

MACAULAY CULKIN has backed calls for Donald Trump’s cameo appearance to be digitally removed from Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. 

Culkin made his name playing child prankster Kevin McCallister in the hit festive film franchise. 

As such, he’s better placed than most to comment on the debate surrounding Trump’s inclusion in the New York-based sequel. 

There have been growing calls among fans for the outgoing US President’s cameo to be digitally removed from the film. 

One fan has even petitioned Disney to have Trump removed and replaced with his Democrat rival Joe Biden. 

Now Culkin has weighed into the debate, albeit with one tongue-in-cheek twist. 

The Home Alone actor is backing calls for Trump to be removed from Home Alone 2 but rather than replace him with Biden, he wants the President swapped out for an adult version of himself. 

Responding to a Home Alone fan who tweeted: “Petition to digitally replace trump in “home alone 2” with 40-year-old Macaulay Culkin” the former child star simply replied: “Sold.”   

In any case, Culkin appeared to be eager to see Trump removed from the movie. 

When another fan put together a video of what the infamous scene would look like with Trump erased from the screen, Culkin responded: “Bravo.” 

In the film, Trump features in a brief exchange with Culkin’s character Kevin, who asks the business mogul for directions in the lobby of the Trump-owned Plaza Hotel in New York.  

He even has a line of dialogue, instructing Kevin to go “down the hall and to the left” before doing a double take at the sight of a young boy alone in the Big Apple. 

Though there are no official plans to remove the Trump cameo, it wouldn’t be the first time deleting the scene has been discussed.  

The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) previously removed Trump’s brief cameo from a TV broadcast of the film.

At the time, they claimed it was to make room for commercials, however that didn’t stop Donald Trump Jr from labelling the move “pathetic”.  

There will be plenty who worked on Home Alone 2 who would be happy to see the scene taken out though, including director Chris Columbus who revealed how the US President bullied his way onto the movie.  

Columbus added that the scene only stayed in the film after it tested well with audiences. Whether it would generate the same response today, remains to be seen.