‘I made a mistake’ - Irish ISIS bride Lisa Smith begs for return to Ireland

‘I made a mistake’ - Irish ISIS bride Lisa Smith begs for return to Ireland

IRISH ISIS bride Lisa Smith has begged to be allowed to return to Ireland, insisting she has “nothing to hide” from any government investigation.

The 37-year-old from Dundalk, Co. Louth, is desperate to return to Ireland with her young child after admitting she “made a mistake” in moving to Syria.

Smith is now a widow living in a camp out in warn-torn Baghouz with her child, but high-level discussions have been held on the topic of bringing the pair, who are both Irish citizens, home.

Talks have taken place between the Defence Forces and the Department of Foreign Affairs to try and fast-track their exit.

While Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is keen to show compassion to Smith’s plight, he has made no secret of the fact her case will be closely investigated by the authorities. It’s a scenario that could see Smith stand trial for moving to Syria and joining ISIS.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said repatriating Lisa Smith would be the "compassionate" thing to do (Image: Getty)

However, speaking to the Irish Daily Mail, the 37-year-old refuted any suggestion she should have to face trial.

"I don’t think I should be tried because like, okay, if they want to put an investigation on me, they can. I have nothing to hide,” she said.

"The only thing I did was come here, so if that’s my crime for coming here and realising that I made a mistake and, for me, I can’t get out, I couldn’t get out so I know what they see is bad."

A former Irish Defence Forces member, Smith denied ever owning or carrying a gun during her time in Syria, despite her late husband suggesting she have on for self-defence.

"I think anyone that knows me, you know in the army or outside the army or anywhere in my life, will know that, they know me, that I wouldn’t pick up the weapon and fight and stuff like that,” she said.

"I didn’t do it, I didn’t own a rifle, I didn’t teach them anything."