Majority of ‘devout’ Catholics backing Donald Trump in next presidential election, poll says

Majority of ‘devout’ Catholics backing Donald Trump in next presidential election, poll says

DONALD TRUMP has the backing of the majority of ‘devout’ Catholics in the US heading into November’s presidential election. 

According to an opinion poll by EWTN News/RealClear, six out of every 10 dedicated Catholics in the US are planning to vote President Trump in for a second term. 

A total of 1,521 citizens who identified as Catholics were polled as part of the research. 

They undertook a number of tests to see how devout they are. 

Of those surveyed, 18% unequivocally accepted all of the church's teachings. 

A further 38%, meanwhile, accepted most of the teachings while the remaining 44% saw Catholicism as a more minor influence on their lives.  

Slightly less than half of all the Catholics polled said they approved of Trump. 

Crucially, 47% said they approved of the President in what represented an increase on the 44% who said the same in similar research last November. 

Additionally, 34% of all the Catholics quizzed said they would definitely vote for Trump again. 

Trump also scored well with devout Catholics with 59% stating their intention to vote for him while he also held a 63% approval rating among this subsection. 

By contrast, just 20% of Catholics who identified themselves as devout said they would never vote for the current President. 

58% of Catholics felt Trump had a positive influence on the US economy while 63% felt personally better off with the President in office. 

 Joe Biden remains the favourite Democrat candidate among all Catholics, at 29%, followed by Bernie Sanders, at 24%. Michael Bloomberg was third with 17%.  

The complete study can be read here.