You Can Now Buy Maltesers By The Bucketload

You Can Now Buy Maltesers By The Bucketload

MALTESERS HAVE always been known as "the lighter way to enjoy chocolate" - but that could be about to change.

That's because Mars, the company behind the brand, has just unveiled a new addition to the range: giant, half kilo buckets of Maltesers.

These huge tubs of chocolatey goodness are perfect for any occasion, whether it be a picnic with family, dinner party with friends, or a quiet night in watching Netflix alone in peace.

So long considered the most lightweight of sweet treats, this could also be your chance to settle the eternal debate: just how many Maltesers can one person physically consume in one go?

Coming in at well over 14 times the size of the standard 37g bags of Maltesers, each giant tub contains well over 2,600 calories.

Maltesers chocolate.

They don't come particularly cheap either, owing to the fact that these buckets are only available in the US at present.

That could be subject to change, of course, with the tubs already attracting plenty of interest online.

At the time of writing, however, each 520g 'party bucket' costs a whopping £38.56 on Amazon, with that figure including delivery from the US.

In the meantime, it might just be easier to buy 14 individual bags of Maltesers along with a cheap bucket.

Then again, you are likely to attract a few odd looks doing that. Especially when it comes time to enjoy your sweet treat creation.