Man arrested as 27 dogs and horses rescued from 'shocking' conditions in Kilkenny

Man arrested as 27 dogs and horses rescued from 'shocking' conditions in Kilkenny

ONE MAN has been arrested following a Garda rescue of 27 neglected dogs and horses.

On Monday, 1 December, Gardaí and Detectives in Kilkenny searched a premises in Callan under the Animal Health and Welfare Act of 2013.

Assisted by the KSPCA, Kilkenny County Council, My Lovely Horse Rescue, a local vet and dog rescue services, Gardaí found a total of 23 dogs kept in terrible conditions.

(Images: An Garda Siochana)

Lurchers, terriers, chihuahuas and greyhounds were among the dogs found in shocking conditions on the premises, along with four horses, and all 27 animals were seized.

According to a statement from Gardaí, one man who was present at the scene was arrested under suspicion of attempting to obstructing the search of the premises.

The unnamed man was charged and is due to appear at Kilkenny District Court at a later date.

Stating that the conditions in which the animals were found involved "serious breaches" of the Animal Welfare Act, Gardaí confirmed a full investigation into their neglect has been launched.

Gardaí involved in the search thanked "all those who assisted today and those who are endeavouring to rehabilitate these animals".

Images from the premises where the animals were being kept shows muck, filth and animal bones at the scene.

My Lovely Horse Rescue, one of the welfare charities which assisted with the rescue of the animals, took to Facebook where a spokesperson said it was "shockingly sad".

The "poor animals [were] in  shocking state", a spokesperson wrote, adding "Our Co-founder Debs cried, we see so much sadness but to see the state these poor animals existed in was just horrible".

Today was shockingly sad, 5 MLHR volunteers assisted the amazing Kilkenny Gardaí with their animal welfare...

Posted by My Lovely Horse Rescue on Monday, 30 November 2020

Investigations continue.