Man criticised for trying to change son's date of birth because he did not want him born in 2020

Man criticised for trying to change son's date of birth because he did not want him born in 2020

A PROUD dad has been criticised after he was stopped from changing his son;s date of birth on an official birth certificate.

The man “lashed out” at a nurse who refused to allow him to change the records so that his first child was born at 12:05am on January 1 rather than 11:05pm on New Year’s Eve.

To his way of thinking, “one hour difference wasn’t really a problem” especially as it would mean his son wasn’t born in 2020 – a year that is likely to go down as the worst in over a century.

Unfortunately, the nurse on duty stopped him in his tracks and told him he must provide accurate information including the exact time and date when his son was born.

That sparked an argument in which the new dad tried to claim he had the authority to change his son’s birthday as he was his father.

"I argued with her about it and told her that she was making a huge deal out of it," the man explained in a lengthy Reddit post..

"And that this was unfair to my son because he only lived in 2020 for just one hour.”

"Plus 2020 was a s***ty year, I'm glad it's finally over and I don't want my son to be associated with it. So adding 2021 would make more sense.

"After she tried to argue with me telling me that what I was doing is considered forgery and would cause a huge issue because it's not just an hour, I was changing the date as well.

"I told her that I'm his dad so I get a say and take full responsibility for anything that happens later. She lashed out at me and told me that 'this is not how it works' and that this form will not be accepted because it contained false information.

"She got more people involved including the paediatrician who disrespected me by raising his voice. I told them that I'm the parent and have the authority.

"They ended up taking the form and didn't let me fill it out. My wife said that I embarrassed her by making a scene and acting stupid and lashing out."

The man drew widespread criticism for his actions, not least from his own family who accused him of "ruining their joy" and causing his wife to be "stressed out".

His brother, however, agreed with him that it was "ridiculous" that they made him put down the exact time and date. He also argued that he baby "was born in 2021 because he'll have a whole year to live but only one hour of 2020".

Unfortunately, when the man took to Reddit to garner opinions on the matter, he found most siding with the nurse.

"You're the a**hole,” one wrote.

“As a parent you don't have authority over space and time. His date and time of birth is a fact, not an opinion."

Another joked: "I'm in my 30s, but I'll have the whole year to live, so does that mean I'm also born in 2021?"

One did have a positive piece of advice on the situation though, explaining: "A bunch of terrible things happened to you in 2020, but one good thing also happened. Your son was conceived and born in 2020."