Man escorted out for shouting at Trinity College students' voting drive

Man escorted out for shouting at Trinity College students' voting drive

STUDENTS of Trinity College Dublin assembled today in a last-ditch effort to sign up anyone who hadn't registered to vote before the closing date of May 8th.

As May 8th is the last day for anyone to get onto the supplementary register to vote in the upcoming referendum to repeal the 8th amendment from the Irish Constitution, appeals were made for anyone to get signed up today.

The drive to get prospective voters in was disturbed a man spotted in a black hat and jacket, shouting at students who had organised the event.

The man, whose identity has not yet been made known, is spotted standing in Trinity College shouting in the face of one student "You ought to be ashamed!"

As the student reasons with him , starting his sentence with "Sir..." two Gardaí step in to escort the man before he becomes violent.

As he is pushed out of the vicinity by three Gardaí, he continues shouting at the crowd "Universities are supposed to be for free speech, how do you like me being taken away by the courts of law and order...

You have no idea what life is about."

He also condemns the students assembled trying to sign up voters by saying: "You're a disgrace every one of you...

You're living life to the full but denying it to others."

The incident presents a worrying trend as recent weeks in Ireland have seen Vote Yes posters linked to the abortion referendum tampered with and even destroyed.