Referendum posters spotted alight overnight

Referendum posters spotted alight overnight

POSTERS advocating for a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum to repeal the 8th amendment were spotted burning in Dublin.

In areas such as the city centre and Skerries, posters were set alight and left to burn on the street lights they were attached to.

The Dublin Fire Brigade were called out to attend to the fires and quench them from damaging the streets of Dublin.

They took to Twitter to say their Phibsborough team worked to rid the flames: "Last night a crew from Phibsborough extinguished referendum posters set alight on @DubCityCouncil public street lights."

They also warned of the damage that can be incurred to street furniture from such arson attacks: "Apart from damaging very old and characteristic street furniture it can also cause damage to the internal electrics."


Other posters in Skerries in County Dublin were left to burn, leaving a smoky smell in the air for passersby.