Man spotted wearing pair of women’s knickers as a mask on busy Dublin train

Man spotted wearing pair of women’s knickers as a mask on busy Dublin train

A DUBLIN man has become the laughing stock of the internet after he was spotted out and about wearing a pair of women’s knickers for a face mask. 

Cian Brady first spotted the man while riding a train from Dublin to Howth this past Thursday evening. 

In a series of images shared on Twitter, the man can be seen clearly wearing a pair of frilly, light blue lady’s undergarments to help protect him from the potential spread of Covid-19. 

It’s an image that suggests one of two things. 

Either the man in question visited the women’s clothing section of his local department store to purchase the aforementioned panties or someone in his house is now missing a pair of briefs. 

If the latter is true, few would want to be in this man’s shoes when he gets home to someone who has just discovered their pants are all over the internet. 

Cian, however, offered up a different theory in his tweet, writing: “Why bother wearing a face mask when a pair of your Ma’s knickers does the job.” 

A disturbing image, indeed. 

Quite whether these particular panties “do the job” is another source of contention. 

After all, large sections of the man’s face appear to be uncovered, while the frilly edges are surely susceptible to particles entering or exiting with ease. 

The suspicious is that he may have fared better by wearing a larger pair of Bridge Jones-style granny pants on his face. 

Still, you dread to think of the lengths he would go to, in order to secure such undergarments. 

This is a man who has gone out wearing pants on his face – he's clearly capable of anything. 

All joking aside, please wear proper face coverings while going out otherwise you won’t just look daft, you’ll be putting other people in danger.