Man without a penis admits to penetrating two girlfriends with 'unknown instrument'

Man without a penis admits to penetrating two girlfriends with 'unknown instrument'

A SCOTTISH MAN with no penis has admitted sexually assaulting two women who believed they were having sex with him.

Carlos Delacruz, 35, was placed on the sex offenders register after admitting to penetrating his ex-girlfriends with an unknown instrument while in relationships with them.

Delacruz, of Banknock near Falkirk, refused to allow his lovers to see him naked and performed in bed with the lights off.

The victims, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said they experienced "extreme pain" during intercourse with Delacruz and even suffered from thrush afterwards.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court was told how both women were left shocked after they subsequently discovered their partner did not have a penis.

Delacruz admitted to penetrating both women with an unknown object without their consent.

It remains unclear why he does not have a penis.


Prosecutor Kirsten Cockburn told the court he had been in a relationship with both women at separate times between May 27, 2013, and May 14, 2017.

Regarding the first relationship, Ms Cockburn said: "She believed she was being penetrated by his penis. The accused does not have a penis.

"She knew he was self-conscious about his body and always wore a T-shirt [during sex]".

During one sexual encounter, Cockburn said the victim heard the crinkling sound of a condom wrapper when Delacruz turned his back on her, before he turned back around and began to make love to her.

However, during intercourse Delacruz aroused suspicion by "holding onto the base of the penis with his hand".

Ms Cockburn added: "During their relationship she continued to believe he had a penis."


After breaking up with Delacruz in January 2016, the woman went to the police and said Delacruz had deceived her about having a penis.

In August 2016, the accused entered a relationship with a second woman who also complained of "extreme pain from penetration" during their year-long courtship.

After their relationship ended in May 2017, the second victim discovered Delacruz’s manhood deception and called the police.

She told detectives that Delacruz would always have sex with a t-shirt on and the lights off, and on one occassion left her bleeding after what she thought was real intercourse.

Police confirmed Delacruz "did not have a penis" during a physical examination in custody and charges were quickly filed.

The 35-year-old will be sentenced in September.