Manchester United enlist Irish company to protect fans and players from Covid-19

Manchester United enlist Irish company to protect fans and players from Covid-19

MANCHESTER UNITED has enlisted the help of an Irish sanitisation company, Sanitiser Direct Ltd, to ensure players and fans are properly protected from the threat of Covid-19 when using the club's facilities.

Sanitiser Direct Ltd's Handle Hygiene - Door Handle Sanitising System has been successfully installed in Manchester United's Old Trafford stadium and their AON Training Complex.

Handle Hygiene is an Irish made product clinically proven to help prevent cross-contamination from door handles.

A Handle Hygiene unit

According to the World Health Organisation, door handles play a major part in the spread of infections, including coronavirus, with a study from the New England Journal of Medicine finding Covid-19 is capable of surviving up to three days on door handles.

Handle Hygiene is fixed above a door handle and works by automatically spraying the door handle with a sanitiser spray that kills 99.999% of germs, including COVID-19, after each use.

Eager to go further to protect fans, staff and players, Manchester United chose to install the state-of-the-art Handle Hygiene units at Old Trafford and the club's Aon Training Complex.

Kevin Egan, Director of Sanitiser Direct said: "Manchester United have come back to tell us they are delighted with our Handle Hygiene Sanitiser System. It is great, during this uncertain time, to have a product that can help companies, like Manchester United, to stop the spread of infection and keep their players, staff and customers safe."

Kevin Egan from Sanitiser Direct Ltd.

Handle Hygiene's clinical trials, conducted at a major HSE hospital, demonstrated how the risks associated with contaminated door handles were reduced to a negligible level once the system was installed.

During the 16 week trial 1,100 swab samples were taken by the hospital's infection control team and sent to an internationally accredited Laboratory for testing.

Manchester United are not the first client to enlist the help of Sanitiser Direct Ltd, with Johnson & Johnson, Home Store & More, Tallaght University Hospital, Hibernia REIT and Wavin ltd all signing up to use Handle Hygiene.