Mariah Carey shares 'gorgeous welcome' she received on arrival in Ireland

Mariah Carey shares 'gorgeous welcome' she received on arrival in Ireland

MARIAH CAREY has shared the stunning sight that greeted her on arrival in Ireland.

The globally-renowned songstress is set to kick-off the European leg of her Caution World Tour in Dublin this week.

And ahead of her gig at the Irish capital’s 3Arena, Carey took in the Dublin skyline – and was greeted by an extraordinary sight.

Spread across the Dublin sky, the singer was treated to the stunning presence of a perfectly-formed rainbow high in the Irish sky.

Rather than crack jokes about Leprechauns or the luck of the Irish, Carey took to social media to express her gratitude to her fans and this most unique of welcomes.

"Hello Ireland!! Thank you for this gorgeous welcome,” she wrote.

"Can't wait for opening night of the #CautionWorldTour in Europe on Wednesday right here in Dublin!!"

Maybe she should take it as a sign of what to include in the gig’s playlist?

After all, Carey’s seventh studio album is called Rainbow and includes the signature hits Heartbreaker and Take A Look at Me Now.

Then again, it could simply be a meteorological phenomenon caused by the reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky.

Our money is on the latter.

Whatever the case, it was a great way to kick off a tour supporting the release of her critically acclaimed 15th studio album Caution, which garnered widespread critical acclaim.