Matt Damon ‘hiding out in Dublin’ during the coronavirus pandemic

Matt Damon ‘hiding out in Dublin’ during the coronavirus pandemic

MATT DAMON is reportedly hiding out somewhere in Dublin while the current coronavirus pandemic passes.

The Good Will Hunting actor was due to begin filming his latest movie, The Last Duel, in Ireland this month.

However, plans for the Ridley Scott-directed action epic have been put on hold following the arrival of COVID-19 on the Emerald Isle.

But while some Hollywood stars might have been tempted to head back to their LA mansions, Damon has instead chosen to remain in Ireland – for the time being at least.

The Bourne Identity star has already been spotted out jogging in Killiney while he was also snapped posing for a photo with a fan in Dalkey.

Unfortunately, that may be the only opportunity fans get to pose for a photo with Damon, given the current government restrictions stating people must not venture more than 2kms from home and must maintain a two metre distance from others when out and about.

Thankfully, in Damon, Ireland has a Hollywood actor with some experience of pandemics. Well, fictional ones at least.

The Martian actor previously starred in Steven Soderbergh’s prescient 2011 film Contagion, which told the terrifying story of an unfolding global pandemic.

In light of the striking similarities between that film and the real-life situation unfolding right now, Damon even got involved in a video posted to YouTube offering advice on how to deal with COVID-19.

While our situation might not be quite as severe as the one depicted in Contagion, it’s nice to think Ireland has a Hollywood A-lister to call on in this situation.

Now if Matt could just go ahead and save the day that would be great.