Mayor of New York declares March 17th "Gerry Adams day"

Mayor of New York declares March 17th "Gerry Adams day"

GERRY ADAMS has been commemorated by the mayor of New York for his work in solving the conflict of Northern Ireland.

The former Sinn Féin MP has been honoured by Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York for his role in the peacemaking process in Northern Ireland during the troubles.

At an St. Patrick's day breakfast in Manhattan in the city, Mr de Blasio announced that March 17th would now be known as “Gerry Adams Day”.

Mr de Blasio presented Mr Adams with an award, saying: “history will remember Gerry Adams for being one of the people who did something truly heroic and truly revolutionary.. [HE]found a path of peace.. so many are alive today because of that.”

According to The Irish Times, Mr De Blasio praised Mr Adams’ long struggle and ambition to unite the nation of Ireland, saying: “He understood there was no place in this world for colonialism.. great ideas never die. I want to congratulate his for pursuit of a goal that makes so much sense - a United Ireland.”