Neglected horse seized by Gardaí after being raced through Dublin city centre

Neglected horse seized by Gardaí after being raced through Dublin city centre

A HORSE has been seized and the owner charged after being spotted racing the animal through Dublin city centre.

Gardaí in Bridewell, Dublin have seized a horse and charged the owner with animal neglect and cruelty after he was spotted racing the horse through the deserted streets of Dublin city centre at a time when everyone has been urged to stay inside.

Animal charity My Lovely Horse Rescue posted photographs of the incident, which took place on Saturday afternoon, and confirmed that the horse was immediately taken to the vet for emergency attention.

Photographs posted by the rescue show the emaciated horse being tended to by Gardaí, with multiple flesh wounds and visible ribs allegedly due to malnutrition.

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The charity urged people to report any concerns they may have about any animals they feel could be being abused or neglected.

Posting on social media yesterday, Sunday 5 April, My Lovely Horse Rescue said:

"Gardaí in Bridewell, Dublin seized this horse on Saturday afternoon after being raced through Dublin City centre.

"The horse was taken away for immediate veterinary attention and the owner will be prosecuted for animal neglect and cruelty.

"Please report if you are concerned about animals that you feel are being abused or neglected."

The Gardaí also urged people to come forward with any concerns about abuse or neglect, and asked people to "please report any incidents of Sulky riding to Gardaí to ensure horses are being treated with respect".


To learn more about My Lovely Horse Rescue and the work they do, or to donate to the charity, you can visit their Facebook, Twitter or website.