'Neighbours' to film storyline in Dublin

'Neighbours' to film storyline in Dublin

NEIGHBOURS is to film scenes in Dublin later this month as part of a top secret new storyline.

The Australian soap has been a mainstay of the Irish TV schedules since its debut in 1985, with episodes broadcast weekdays on RTÉ One at 14.00 and again on RTÉ Two at 18.00.

It has also proved the launching pad for a raft of major movie careers with everyone from Guy Pearce and Russell Crowe through to more recent stars like Margot Robbie.

And that’s not forgetting everyone’s favourite on-and-off-screen couple, Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue.

The show has featured many outlandish storylines over the years whether it is plane crashes involving the entire cast or characters suffering amnesia and starting new lives with the Salvation Army.

But this might just be its most intriguing storyline yet with two of the show’s stalwart characters, Karl and Susan Kennedy, played by Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne, heading to the Emerald Isle in an as-yet-unknown storyline.

It could prove a memorable one, with the scenes set to feature as part of Neighbours’ 35th anniversary celebrations.

One potential plotline could see Karl exploring his own Irish roots – he is a Kennedy after all.

In any case, the visit represents a homecoming of sorts for Woodburne, who is originally from Carrickgerfus, Co. Antrim.

According to a spokesperson for the show, Woodburne is "so delighted to bring cast and crew over to her side of the hemisphere."

"We're very excited about Neighbours coming to film in Ireland for the first time ever," the spokesperson added.

"An Irish generation have grown up watching and loving Neighbours and fans here have a very special relationship with it and its characters”