No music and TV volume turned down: The new rules for pubs in Ireland revealed

No music and TV volume turned down: The new rules for pubs in Ireland revealed

PUBS in Ireland will not be allowed to play music and volume on the TV will have to kept low when they reopen, according to the latest public health guidelines.

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) gave the government the green light last week to reopen pubs on September 21, but for this to happen, certain standards will have to be met.

Music - including live music - will not be allowed in pubs anymore, while TV volumes must be kept low so that customers aren't forced to try and speak over it.

This is because research suggests Covid-19 spreads easier when people sing and talk loudly, so reducing or eliminating the possibility for this is considered to be essential.

NPHET also suggested that pubs may have to introduce extra toilet facilities in order to adhere to social distancing requirements.

Pubs may also be forced to limit the amount of customers in the facility, depending on the size of the premises and how enclosed it is.

On Wednesday, the Cabinet agreed to move forward with the September 21 reopening date, which for around half the pubs in Ireland will be the first time they've opened their doors in over six months.

A government source argued that pubs are businesses like any other, and should be allowed to prove they can operate within the Covid-19 guidelines.

"They want to open under controlled conditions so they should be allowed to have a fair crack of the whip," the source said.

"NPHET made the recommendation last Thursday, on the basis that pubs are an important part of the fabric of Irish society."