Northern Irish chief executive kidnapped, beaten and dumped on a roadside

Northern Irish chief executive kidnapped, beaten and dumped on a roadside

THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE or a Northern Irish construction company was kidnapped last night from his home and badly beaten before being dumped on a roadside a few hours later.

Kevin Lunney, who leads Quinn Industrial Holdings, is currently in hospital with a broken leg and other severe injuries.

It's the latest in a series of "increasingly serious criminal attacks” against Quinn management, according to the chair of the company.

He was kidnapped from his home in Derrylin, Northern Ireland, at 6.40pm yesterday evening, and bundled into the back of a car before it sped off.

Around 9pm, he was discovered dumped on the side of a road, just south of the Irish border.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, both his car and a second vehicle were found on fire close to his home just after the kidnapping.

It isn't the first time Lunney, 50, has been involved in threatening situations such as this.

In 2016, the Irish Times reported that Lunney and other executives were sent death threats, and a sign close to its office on the border with Ireland read: “Remove the UDA + UVF off our mountain, or face the gun.”

The UDA (Ulster Defence Association) and UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) are loyalist paramilitary groups.

"We have previously warned of the inevitability of serious injury and loss of life arising from these sustained and increasingly serious criminal attacks. We find it inexplicable that not a single arrest has been made north or south despite dozens of incidents," said Quinn chair Adrian Barden.

The attacks reportedly began after billionaire Sean Quinn declared bankruptcy in 2011. He'd invested in Anglo Irish Bank, which collapsed.

Quinn Industrial was one of the companies formed as his empire was sold off.

According to the company, the attacks are being carried out by individuals who want Sean Quinn to return the business.

DUP leader Arlene Foster called the news "totally abhorrent", while local Sinn Fein MP Michelle Gildnernew said the attack had "caused widespread disgust within the wider community."