Northern Irishman sets Guinness World Record on Britain’s Got Talent with amazing blindfolded balloon trick

Northern Irishman sets Guinness World Record on Britain’s Got Talent with amazing blindfolded balloon trick

A NORTHERN Irishman has set a new Guinness World Record after completing a dazzling blindfolded balloon trick. 

Ryan Tracey from Omagh set a new record for the fastest time to model five balloon sculptures whilst blindfolded. 

The dad-of-seven completed his stunning effort in front of a live audience and as part of his audition for the latest series of the ITV show Britain’s Got Talent. 

But the pressure of the situation didn’t faze the 38-year-old, who not only completed the impressive trick in a record time but also booked a place in the semi-finals of the Simon Cowell series. 

Incredibly, it wasn’t the first time Ryan had set the record – or set it on BGT for that matter. 


Back in 2017, the aspiring entertainer set the very same record with the very same trick, only to lose it a few years later when a contestant on Australia’s went one better. 

This time around, he enlisted his seven-year-old son, Matthew to help. 

Performing under his stage name Duff The Balloon Ninja, Ryan managed to complete all five balloon animals within the 44.25 seconds time limit, regaining his record in the process. 

The success sparked emotional scenes, with Ryan raising Matthew aloft after securing the record and a place in the semi-finals. 

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, the Omagh trickster paid tribute to his son for all his help in making sure his attempt went off without a hitch. 

"It's so special to share this with him on the biggest stage, under those lights and in front of all those people,” he said. 


"It takes a special kind of nerve to do that and he was incredible. He had to have confidence in himself and in his daddy not to let him down. We practised very hard and for him to go out there and be so brave, it feels like winning the World Cup. It's the best elation you can get.” 

And while the ongoing coronavirus lockdown means Ryan will have to wait a little longer before he and Matthew can return to the stage to compete for the £250,000 cash prize up for grabs, he remains confident of success.