Northern Lights set to be visible over Ireland this weekend

Northern Lights set to be visible over Ireland this weekend

IRISH STARGAZERS could be set for a rare treat this weekend.

Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights, may be visible in the skies over Ireland this weekend.

Most commonly spotted over Iceland, the glowing effect of the Northern Lights is the result of disturbances in Earth's magnetosphere.

These disturbances are caused by a flow of particles from the Sun, and are usually concentrated around the Earth's magnetic poles, resulting in a mesmerising green glow in the sky.

It’s an astonishing sight and one David Moore, the editor of Astronomy Ireland, believes stargazers have a “good chance” of seeing over the Emerald Isle this weekend.


Speaking to the Irish Independent, Moore said: "There is definitely a good chance, we never know with these things. We're hoping it would be visible.”

"Certainly, over Donegal as the horizon looks over the ocean where are there no facing lights, but it's been seen all over the country before, even as far down as Cork."

Much will depend on whether the sky over Ireland is dark enough to view the Aurora Borealis in all of its glory

“We're advising everyone to be watching the northern horizon, especially if you’ve got a great dark sky,” Moore said.

Met Éireann‏ are predicting dry and clear weather on Friday evening with dry and bright conditions on Saturday that move into frost in the evening.


Sunday will be cool, dry and bright in most places with some possible cloud further north and occasional rain.