Peter Kay makes first public appearance in over a year

Peter Kay makes first public appearance in over a year

PETER KAY has been photographed out in public for the first time in over a year.

A picture of the comedian surfaced on Twitter after he posed for a photograph with staff members from the Blackpool-based company Heritage Tram Tours.

The 45-year-old was snapped smiling during a day out in the popular seaside resort where Kay has previously performed the packed-out crowds.

Eager to keep a low profile, Kay can be seen wearing dark blue trousers, a blue checked shirt and a cap and shades.

The image was shared on the Heritage Tram Tours Twitter account.

The caption read: "We do love a celebrity passenger on our tours, when we can't get one @ PeterKay_co_uk will do instead! He kindly allowed a a photo with the driver and conductor on Boat 600 this afternoon."

Kay has been out of the limelight for over a year ever since cancelling an upcoming tour back in December 2017 due to “unforeseen family reasons”.

The 45-year-old went on to make a surprise appearance at a special screening of Car Share the following April.

In footage of the appearance, posted on Twitter, Kay said: “Enjoy the last ever episode of Car Share. Don't tell anyone the end, or tell anyone about any hedgehogs.”

He added: “Thank you, lots of love, enjoy.

"Take care, bye-bye.”