Petition set up to save Dublin's David Attenborough mural amid anger at loss of culture in capital city

Petition set up to save Dublin's David Attenborough mural amid anger at loss of culture in capital city

PEOPLE IN Dublin are standing up against the increasing clamp-down against artistic expression in the capital city.

Following the ordered removal of Dublin’s iconic Horseboy mural, we recently reported that Dublin city council had now ordered the removal of another cultural highlight in the city—artistic collective SUBSET’s depiction of David Attenborough.

Now a petition has been set up in attempt to save the mural, with activists drawing attention to the fact that vandalism and graffiti tagging had in fact reduced since the installation of the art piece.

The petition, set up by Karen Hand, states its goal as follows:

“We want to voice our protest over the decision made by Dublin City Council to remove the David Attenborough mural at the corner of Longwood Avenue and South Circular Rd.

The mural was created by subset as a tribute to David Attenborough - an important figure in documenting and demonstrating the value of our natural environment. At this crucial moment in history, when global warming and other aspects of human-induced climate change are threatening our very survival -- attention needs to be drawn to those individuals and efforts who work to save our planet.

But just as importantly, this mural has positively changed the atmosphere on the street. Many houses, garage doors and walls on the street have been subject to repeated graffiti and tagging, which not only vandalizes private property, but also promotes a sense of unease and a lack of safety.  The wall containing the mural was repeatedly vandalized in the past, but since this mural was put in place, it has not been disturbed, and the incidences of graffiti elsewhere on the street have also dropped. Tourists and passers-by stop to take pictures of the mural, and this has greatly improved the character of the street.

As citizens, we are proud of this mural and the artfulness and sense of community that it endows on our street. We urge you to reconsider its removal, and instead consider the value it brings to this particular corner of Dublin city, to Dublin and Irish citizens and people who care our about our shared green future.”

Irish people have been voicing their frustration at the perceived deculturalisation of Dublin by local government.

The removal of murals, tightening of busking and live music laws, and forced closures of culturally important pubs to make room for yet more hotels in the city centre have led people to accuse the government of turning Dublin into a faceless city catering to tourists rather than citizens.

You can add your voice to the petition here.