Dublin City Council orders removal of beloved David Attenborough mural

Dublin City Council orders removal of beloved David Attenborough mural

DUBLIN CITY Council has ordered the permanent removal of a mural depicting Sir David Attenborough in Portobello, South Dublin.

The mural, which is based on Longwood Avenue, was painted to mark the veteran documentary maker’s 93rd birthday on May 8th this year.

The Council cited the mural’s ‘unauthorised development’ as the reason for its planned removal, saying the artist did not have permission to create the painting in the first place, according to The Journal.

The mural was painted by the artist collective SUBSET, who were responsible for the Horseboy mural whose removal was also ordered last month, as we reported at the time.

Irish people in Dublin and beyond were angered by the decision to remove the depiction of Sir David, particularly as the owner of the building where the mural appeared allegedly has no issue with the painting being there.

SUBSET originally began their campaign to create colourful murals in order to tackle Dublin’s ‘grey area’, and those opposed to the removal are claiming that the City Council are destroying artistic vibrancy in the capital city.


Speaking to The Journal, councillor Claire Byrne, who is a member of the Green party and also sits on Dublin’s Arts, Culture and Recreation committee, detailed her disappointment at the decision to remove the mural.

“We have a real graffiti problem in the area, and I think the mural has actually helped with that, particularly on the wall of the house where it’s based.”

A petition to save the Horseboy mural has amassed over 5,000 signatures. So far there is no such petition to save Sir David Attenborough’s mural.