Priest uses chopsticks to deliver socially distanced Holy Communion

Priest uses chopsticks to deliver socially distanced Holy Communion

A CHURCH of England vicar has gone viral after showcasing her unique way of delivering Holy Communion while maintaining social distancing. 

Reverend Eileen Harrop took inspiration from her Chinese heritage to help put parishioners at ease when administering the bread of the Eucharist using extra-long serving chopsticks.

Under Church of England rules anyone taking Holy Communion can only be offered bread and not wine, to ensure no “common cup” is used. 

Rev Harrop, who grew up in Singapore, decided to channel her passion for Asian cuisine into this unique solution for believers attending services at St Mary's in Gainford and St Andrew's in Winston, County Durham. 

Administering the communion using the utensils not only helped ensure she avoided cross-contamination but also helped put parishioner worries to rest. 

Her efforts were showcases on a video posted to the church’s Facebook page, where it won widespread praise. 

A first for any parish church in the UK, Rev Harrop’s innovative could spawn copycats across the world. 

It’s just the latest example of the creative efforts being deployed by priests to ensure church services stay within the restrictions set out to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

In the US, one priest has been delivering drive-by blessings. 

Another, administered a baptism by water pistol. 

In Ireland, meanwhile, several car park confirmations have already taken place. 

The Lord truly does move in mysterious ways.