A prize to die for! GAA club raffling off 'priceless' cemetery plot

A prize to die for! GAA club raffling off 'priceless' cemetery plot

A GAA club in Ireland is raffling off two graveyard plots as part of prize draw locals will be dying to get involved in, so to speak.

Corduff Gaels in Monaghan are set to auction off two graveyard plots with the lucky winners having their pick of spaces in either of the local Corduff or Raferagh Cemeteries.

It’s a dead good prize - pun intended - and it isn’t the only one up for grabs.

Other prizes include VIP All-Ireland football final tickets and two Six Nations tickets.

The club is hoping to raise around €50,000 to help pay off debts it owes for its new complex and pitches – a grave situation indeed!


Speaking to the Independent, club chair Seaus McEnaney said the double grave prize was "priceless because you can't buy a plot here in the village before someone passes away".

"Inevitably, death will come to us all, so this is a really priceless prize.

"We are from a small, rural club in Co Monaghan, we built a state-of-the-art complex and we have fundraised in so many ways and this is our last bit of debt to clear.”

"At a club meeting we talked about getting something different in the raffle for the club and my sister Bernadette came up with the idea.

“We thought about it and realised that this is indeed unique to our community, we have a choice of two chapels and two cemeteries, and you can't pick your plot in either cemetery, until after someone dies."


No idea where the raffle is taking place but it’s likely to be dead in the centre of town!