Shocking footage surfaces online of man being racially abused on Luas in Dublin

Shocking footage surfaces online of man being racially abused on Luas in Dublin

ALARMING FOOTAGE appearing to show a man being racially abused on public transport in Dublin has surfaced on social media.

The video, which was recorded and shared by Brazilian native Enzo Souza, was filmed on the Luas last Friday, November 1, and subsequently uploaded to Facebook.

In the footage a man is heard calling another passenger a "black b******".

The clip begins with the man in question staring down the aforementioned passenger, who eventually decides to move away from him and further down the tram.

The man begins shouting at the man as he leaves, telling him to "keep walking" before asking "are you not getting off at the same stop as me no?"

Then comes the flashpoint, when the man shouts the racial epithet of "black b******" before turning to the door.

At that point, he becomes aware of Souza recording him, forcing the Brazilian to halt filming.

Souza subsequently uploaded the clip to Facebook to provide further details of what unfolded.

He wrote alongside the video: "This happened today on the Luas at the Red Line (near to The Silver Penny Pub).

"This guy was being racist and saying terrible things before I started recording, some things like 'I'm going to break your jaw' and some other things about slavery.

"The black guy was obviously uncomfortable with the situation, some other people were uncomfortable as well but they did nothing!

"We should help each other, protect each other, but what I saw was a bunch of people that was scared of the bully or was agreeing with his mean speech.

"There's no difference between white, black, yellow, we are all humans.

"After I stopped recording the guy started asking if I was going to leave the train with him because he was going to punch me/hit me, threatening me.

"I always had in mind that Europe was like heaven, where people respect each other, where there's space for everyone, but what I saw today was something completely different.

"Let's make this Dublin bully famous hoping that he realises that what he did or have been doing is wrong and shouldn't be accepted as normal."

The full clip is available to view on Souza’s Facebook page, where it has already bee shared more that 5,700 times.