Student heading to leaflet for Together for Yes recalls being spat on by male stranger

Student heading to leaflet for Together for Yes recalls being spat on by male stranger

JADE WILSON was on her way to drop leaflets for the Together for Yes campaign, an initiative mobilising a Yes vote in the abortion referendum on May 25 when she was accosted by a male stranger.

The UCD student was lending her support to the campaign when she was approached by a man who had been staring in her direction.

Speaking to The Irish Post, Wilson said she was by herself before the man in her presence spat on her green T-shirt, which bore the Together For Yes slogan on it.

Wilson said perhaps it was due to a woman being on her own that motivated the man, with whom she had no former contact with, to act in the way he did: "I think that if I had been with a group or if I had been a man it wouldn’t have happened."

She said she was on her way to Heuston train station in Dublin's city centre when the unknown man spat on her T-shirt: "I was heading towards Heuston to leaflet outside the station. I hadn't even verbally engaged with this man at all. He reacted purely from the sight of my t-shirt."


Wilson added that the effects of the assault were worsened as she was alone when it occurred: "It was extremely dehumanising. If I had been with a group I would have been comforted immediately as well, but instead, I just stood there alone in shock and disbelief."

When asked about how she feels about the incident now, the UCD student said that there is a level of hypocrisy of the No side coming up to the referendum: "To claim that you love women and are interested in providing better support systems for them in crisis pregnancies, and to then spit on a woman who is on her way to leaflet... it’s pretty appalling."

Despite the unfortunate incident, Wilson added: "Luckily, I’m not the type of person to be discouraged by something like that. I’m glad it didn’t happen to a more emotionally vulnerable young woman. I felt seriously unsafe though."

The contest between both sides of the referendum is hotting up as there are just 5 days left before Irish people must vote in the referendum to decriminalise and legislate for abortion.

Similarly, in April of this year, a member of Irish activist group LGBTQ+ for Choice was physically attacked for wearing a Repeal jumper.