Repossessed! Irish school releases second chilling CCTV 'ghost' clip

Repossessed! Irish school releases second chilling CCTV 'ghost' clip

AN IRISH school has uploaded a second spooky clip showing ghostly goings-on late at night.

Deerpark CBS in Cork made headlines around the world earlier this month when they released a video showing locker doors opening and signs falling over.

The school's deputy principal, Aaron Wolfe, even told Today that the school was built on a site known as Gallows Green, where criminals were hanged in the 19th century.

Although sceptics claim to have debunked the CCTV footage, including media organisation Buzzfeed and fact-checking website Snopes, the clip has still amassed over 12million views on YouTube.

Just as the doubters were circling however, it would appear the spirit has conveniently once again risen from the dead.

The school has released a second video, allegedly recorded in the early hours of Thursday morning, this time showing chairs being dragged down the corridor, bags flying across the hall and signs being ripped off walls.

A cynic might wonder why all those school bags were left lying around a corridor overnight, perfectly positioned in view of high-quality audio-enabled CCTV, just a few days before Halloween, but that's none of our business.

And it's surely nothing to do with the school's upcoming Fearpark interactive halloween experience, taking place this Sunday…

Check out the latest 'ghost' video below