Runaway cow brings traffic to a halt on busy Cork road

Runaway cow brings traffic to a halt on busy Cork road

A RUNAWAY cow brought traffic to a standstill along one of Cork’s busiest roads this past Saturday. 

The rogue calf was first spotted running along the frequently used inbound lane of Lower Glanmire Road in Tivoli.  

Video footage shared on Twitter showed the young cow running at full pelt along a footpath before stepping onto the road and into traffic. 

Probably heard in the news we may be moving to higher covid restrictions and wants to get the last pint at the pub,” one follower joked. 

The owner was said to be in hot pursuit, driving a jeep and trailer, having witnessed the animal’s daring daylight escape. 

Several eyewitnesses also described how other drivers attempted to intervene. 

“Was on this bit of road when this happened,” one said. 

“What was mad was people got out of cars and tried to catch it in their open arms.” 

When these efforts proved fruitless, Gardaí were called to the scene in an effort to round-up the roaming farm animal. 

Traffic corps units were deployed, while the section of the road near Tivoli was closed off as officers attempted to bring the cow under control. 

They did so with relative ease, with a garda spokesperson confirming that the rescue operation went off without a hitch. 

The calf was successfully herded into the back of his owner’s trailer and was heading home before the day was out with the road reopened later that day. 

Fortunately, no accidents occurred as a result of the calf’s road-bound exploits, while the animal was described as “safe and well” ahead of its journey back home.