Russian embassy in Dublin could soon be located on 'Independent Ukraine Road' if name-change supported by residents

Russian embassy in Dublin could soon be located on 'Independent Ukraine Road' if name-change supported by residents

THE RUSSIAN embassy in Dublin could soon be located on 'Independent Ukraine Road' following the unanimous passing of a proposal to rename the street it is found on.

The motion was proposed by Labour councillor Peter O'Brien, and a subcommittee of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council passed the proposal to rename what is currently known as Orwell Road.

Residents of the road, which stretches from Rather in Dublin 6 to Churchtown in Dublin 14, are now set to be consulted on the proposal.

The move comes as severe European countries have renamed city streets where Russian embassies are located. Russian embassies can now be found on 'Independent Ukraine Street,' Heroes of Ukraine Street,' and 'Free Ukraine' in Latvia, Lithuania and Albania respectively.

The South East Area committee of Dublin City Council will meet on Monday to also consider renaming its section of the street ‘Independent Ukraine Road'.

Dr Ronan Collins, who lives on Orwell Road, told Today with Claire Byrne on RTÉ Radio 1 that the way in which the proposal has come about is "slightly unfortunate."

"I think that if the residents decide not to change the name, that it would be perceived that they do not have solidarity for the people of Ukraine," he said. "It doesn't really involve the people if the council have already made the decision.

"The residents of Orwell Road unanimously stand with the people of Ukraine and we are all praying for peace today. We all stand in support of people who protest at the embassy. We do not have to change the name of a street to be seen to be against war.

He also said that Orwell Road has a significant history that dates back as far as the 1860s.

"It reflects the history of the area," he said.

Councillor Jim O'Leary, also speaking on the show, said somebody had to take the initiative but agreed that residents should be consulted and if they thought the proposal was a bad idea they could oppose it.

"Nothing can be changed unless there is agreement among the local residents. I think this is an important statement to say that the people of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown and the people of Dublin and the people of Ireland are disgusted at the invasion of an independent sovereign country."

He also confirmed that the intention would be for the change to be permanent.

The embassy has been the site of daily protests since the invasion of Ukraine began, and last week the Russian ambassador to Ireland described the country as being at the forefront of anti-Russian events.

A man was also this week arrested after he drove a truck through the gates of the embassy.