Ryanair issues apology after compensation cheques for customers ‘bounced’

Ryanair issues apology after compensation cheques for customers ‘bounced’

RYANAIR has been forced to apologise after compensation cheques sent to a number of passengers with delayed and cancelled flights bounced.

The budget airline blamed an "administration error" for allowing "a very small number of cheques" to be issued without a signature and therefore get rejected by banks.

It comes after Ryanair had to cancel tens of thousands of flights due to strikes by pilots and cabin crew across Europe in July.

The airline previously claimed it did not have to pay compensation for flights cancelled during the industrial action as they "were caused by extraordinary circumstances."

A Ryanair spokesperson said the bounced cheques affected less than 190 customers and new cheques were re-issued with a letter of explanation last week.

"We apologise sincerely for this inconvenience which arose out of our desire to issue these compensation cheques quickly to our customers," they said.

Customer complaints service Resolver has shared advice for any passengers still waiting on compensation payments.

"Passengers affected may have received compensation in the form of a cheque with no signature – and will have seen these cheques bounce when they try and cash them in," Resolver said.

"Ryanair have said that they're aware of this issue and are working hard to resolve it. They're making sure that any passengers affected will be receiving new, valid cheques as soon as possible.

"If you've been affected by this issue, you can contact Ryanair via your Resolver case file or by the telephone number listed on Resolver."